CinemaNext and Eclair at CineEurope

Join us at CineEurope in Barcelona on June 19-22!

Meet our teams on our trade show booth #313, in our corporate meeting room (Level 1) at the CCIB and attend EclairColor Demo Screenings at the Cinesa cinema to discover our new HDR technology.

1. EclairColor: The New Cinema Standard
2. Sphera: A New Benchmark in Premium Format Cinema
3. EclairPlay: The All-in-one Download Platform

4. Melody TMS: Content Scheduling, Management & Monitoring Software

1. EclairColor | A New Digital HDR Color Technology 

EclairColor is a new digital HDR color technology that combines an innovative mastering process with the optimization of select projection system technologies already available on the market. Featuring images with more contrast and greater fidelity, EclairColor technology delivers the vision originally intended by the film's creative team. Discover image projection of unprecedented quality. Visit our new website. 


Please complete the form to register for an EclairColor demo screening (Auditorium #11 at Cinesa Diagonal Mar next to the CCIB). You will need to repeat this process to register additional participants for the same session (a link allowing you to do this is available at the end). Each invitation is strictly personal and non-transferable. You will be able to modify your reservation at a later date if necessary.


2. Sphera: A New Benchmark in Premium Format Cinema

CinemaNext opens up new worlds for audiences with the ultimate premium cinema experience. The Sphera concept can play host to any type of content, giving you complete flexibility over what you show and when. Our technicians, designers and colorists have obsessed over every detail to create auditoria that set a new benchmark in Premium Format Cinema. Sphera’s offering is as varied as it is rich, as intriguing as it is powerful. Film, arts, gaming, events or concerts are all delivered with the sharpest picture, with the deepest bass, in perfect comfort. Lovingly designed, our spaces transport audiences to a ringside seat, suspend reality, expand horizons or become a place to get together for talks and events. Sphera is a fully immersive experience throughout the whole customer journey. Powered by EclairColor HDR solution. Visit our new website


3. EclairPlay: The All-in-one Download Platform

At CineEurope, we will host demos of EclairPlay, our brand new platform connecting exhibitors and content owners, building upon the acknowledged international success of the current CineConductor. EclairPlay is a new, extended version of CineConductor, Eclair’s download platform for Exhibitors. EclairPlay offers a multitude of new features equally tailored to both exhibitors’ and content owners’ needs today for all aspects of their respective professions. From extended content search options, inspiring movie "collections" (special themed selections), direct access to complete publicity material kits, and exhaustive programming & content ordering tools - all available from their desktop, tablet or smartphone devices within a cross-country, easy, and intuitive experience -  EclairPlay is the all-in-one platform that will help exhibitors build passion and results for their businesses, and help content owners build brand & content awareness among cinema professionals around the world. Visit our intro website.


4. Melody TMS: TMS, Content Scheduling, Management & Monitoring Software

Melody TMS is now a fully-featured TMS on the cutting edge of technology.

Our latest developments include a sharing tool, which allows exhibitors to use their smartphone/tablet as a remote control to transform the auditorium into a conference room by controlling every feature, screening time synchronization from a point of sale system, automatic import of advertisement packages, automatic management of power supply equipment, quality control monitoring (color, luminosity, sound), DCP creation tool and push notifications to prevent any possible issues. The Melody TMS is compatible with any third-party software (e.g., digital signage, points of sale), making it fully automated. Read more. 

Symphony is the ultimate software solution to help connect, visualize and oversee a widespread group of cinema complexes from one central site. It allows users to save time by remotely scheduling all shows for their entire network of cinemas, directly from a single location. On-site cinema exhibitors will no longer need to waste precious time programming every week, Symphony takes care of that. Create at will centralized playlists and schedules your booking department can use across all cinemas. Moreover, Symphony is a real-time monitoring interface that allows exhibitors to ensure their cinemas are running smoothly and help detect any potential errors.