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Founded in 2007 and managed by professionals from the motion picture and high-tech industries, Ymagis Group is a European leader in advanced digital technology services for the cinema industry. Through CinemaNext and Eclair, we provide smart, solutions to movie exhibitors, distributors (feature films and live/event cinema), production companies, cinema/TV, advertising networks, rights holders, broadcasters, video publishers and VOD/SVOD platform operators. Over the years, the Group has significantly grown its portfolio of solutions & services and further developed its geographic footprint in Europe with permanent offices in 20 countries. The company’s core business is structured around three main units: CinemaNext (exhibitor services), Eclair (content services) and Ymagis (VPF & financial services). A publicly-traded company listed on Euronext, Ymagis Group is headquartered in Paris (France) and has nearly 700 full-time employees.

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Founded in 1907 in the early days of cinema, Eclair (Ymagis Group) is a leading audiovisual services company for professionals of the motion picture and television industries. We provide smart and comprehensive solutions to movie exhibitors, distributors, event cinema, production companies, cinema/TV advertising networks, rights holders, TV/IPTV broadcasters, VOD/SVOD platform operators and video publishers. Our company consists of six distinct business units: post production, restoration, preservation, theatrical distribution, digital distribution, and versioning & accessibility. Eclair is headquartered in the southern Paris suburb of Vanves with additional offices in Strasbourg, Auxerre, Karlsruhe, Rabat, Barcelona, London, Berlin and Liège.

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Europe’s premier technical light source distribution company, supporting the multiplex cinema circuits, the independent cinemas and many other industries since 1985. Without question the leader in technical support, training, supply and consultancy for the digital cinema industry’s projection lighting. A CinemaNext Company.

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