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Getting the Best with CinemaNext

Through our sister business unit Eclair, we offer cinema exhibitors a comprehensive portfolio of services – hardware and software - to manage content in the most efficient manner: feature films, event cinema, trailers, KDMs, cinema advertising and digital signage. In addition to a large portfolio of content management solutions, we also provide content e-delivery services (satellite and broadband) across Europe, thanks to the 3,300 cinemas connected to Eclair's network. Browse our online catalog of products or enter a keyword in our search engine to find related products.

MELODY TMS by CinemaNext:
Absolutely anybody can use it. With its user-friendly interface, it will suit all types of cinema exhibitors

ORCHESTRA by CinemaNext:
All-in-one Content Management Solution for cinema exhibitors

The leading solution for satellite transmission of live shows to cinemas

Our simple-to-use service allows cinema exhibitors to access feature and trailer DCPs, marketing and promotional materials, all within one secure platform.

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