CinemaNext TMS

CinemaNext TMS

CinemaNext TMS is now a fully-featured TMS on the cutting edge of technology as we are constantly working to adapt this solution to new client requirements.

Our latest developments include CinemaNext TMS Mobile, which allows exhibitors to use their smartphone/tablet as a remote control to transform the auditorium into a conference room by controlling every feature (sound, lights, projection), screening time synchronization from a point of sale system, automatic import of advertisement packages, automatic management of power supply equipment, quality control monitoring (colour, luminosity, sound), DCP creation tool and push notifications to prevent any potential issues.

The CinemaNext TMS is compatible with any third-party software (e.g., digital signage, points of sale), making it fully automated and therefore requiring less human intervention. It is also interoperable with all existing server technologies and fully compatible with the Barco Alchemy cinema projector range.

However, even the most powerful tool is completely useless if one doesn’t know how to use it. That’s why we’ve developed our TMS to be as intuitive as possible. Absolutely anybody can use it. With its user-friendly interface, it will suit all types of cinema exhibitors.

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